For those that have gone to a casino or have bought scratch off tickets?

What is the most you won on a scratch off or how much money did you come out ahead at the casino.


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  • I rarely buy scratch off tickets and I have been to the casino maybe 6 or 7 times in my life so far (in different countries though). I've never won anything with the scratch-off tickets but I've one a few times in the casino. The most I've ever taken home was 550 Euros in a casino in Germany (that corresponds to about 620 US dollars). I'm a Uni student, so for me that was tons of cash ;-) And it was especially awesome because I had actually started off with only 10 Euros. The very first time I ever went to a casino was in America, in Las Vegas. There, I won about 100 dollars. And then there was one more time when I played in a casino in my country Switzerland, where I won about 250 Franks (300 US dollars) but I got too greedy and I lost it all again ;-). But I've also lost some money on other occasions and went home with less than what I had started with.