Isn't it funny that guys who are domestic violence offenders have little to no problems getting a date while guys who say they're nice do?

About 9 and a half times out of 10, domestic violence disputes involve a guy beating on his wife/gf. Just about every guy I know or know of that's ever been a domestic violence offender has little to no problems getting dates, gf's and wives. I'm not say that all guys who have no problems getting dates, gf's wives are domestic violence offenders, nor am I saying that women are directly looking for someone to beat them. I know guys who are known domestic violence offenders and yet that still hasn't messed with their ability to get a date, girlfriend, wife. And I don't think those guys are just masters of deception, which is a popular lame excuse that someone would give to explain the reason why these guys still have little to no problems getting dates, gf's wives. Sure there's unique rare cases of proclaimed nice guys who have problems getting dates being violent towards women like elliot rodgers, but like i said, that's rare. Its strange how the majority of guys who are non violent and say they're nice don't get dates while the majority of domestic violence offenders have little to no problems


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  • Ill tell you why by half personal experience and half experience by proxy. I was born into an abusive household. My mom started dating my "father", because he was very charming and carasmatic, as well as intellegent. There is a veil that abusers use to the outside world, but behind closed doors, he tried to push my pregnant (with me) mother out of a moving car, tried to stab her once i was born, hit my brother and I, raped and molested me, and verbally abused all of us. there's always a fasade (can be seen through at times). I remember one specific time we were at disneyland (i was 6) and my father digged his nailed into my thigh (left marks) because i wasn't holding my fork "properly". But when he fucked up he would give my mom flowers, say he won't ever do it again, and try harder. Still did it. It becomes more apparent because generally abusers can't hold jobs, my father couldnt, but still makes 6 figures (no child support). Im digressing, but, they get wives and girlfriends because generally they are super nice and caring, constantly want to be around you, give you presents and make you feel special. But in all actuallity, they are cruel, possesive, presents get broken when not excepted, and make you feel like shit.


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  • I remember reading some articles about how women in a certain sense like to be dominated and being abused is a very base yet crude form of it and women with low self esteem and worth will be attracted to these men because the man asserts dominance and the women do not feel they deserve better. The women with higher self esteem and worth still like to be dominated but in a more passionate and less crude and brutal manner and will not tolerate physical violence. Not sure how much truth there is to all this but it might be worth consideringt.


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  • Most nice guys I know have no issue getting dates. This silly assumption that nice guys can never get a date needs to stop. If you are so nice and can't meet someone then you are either looking in the wrong place or have a complex or do something that turns girls off without realizing.

    And yes... A lot of assholes do come across as nice guys at first.

    • Why assume it's an assumption?

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    • I find that strange especially since I hear plenty of women swear they can spot a guy with fake confidence, but they can't spot out a guy's true intentions.

    • @Asker

      I haven't heard that at all I'm afraid.

  • I think those domestic violence offenders and the guy who say they are nice are the same people (partly )

    • No they aren't the majority of the time. Every guy I know or know of that has been a domestic violence offender never had problems getting a date, and the majority of guys who are non violent and nice do.

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  • "Its strange how the majority of guys who are non violent and say they're nice don't get dates"

    Is that true? That sounds more like a personal observation based on limited experience.

    I'm not violent, and I have no problems getting dates, and ~other~ people say that I'm nice.

    But personally, I think I'm kind of an asshole, so maybe you've got a point.

    • Didn't say that every guy was like that, I said the majority of guys who are domestic violence offenders have little to no problems getting dates. I also said not every guy that's nice has a problem getting a date.

    • I didn't say you said those things, man. I quoted something that you did say, and said that I'm not entirely sure the idea that the majority of non-violent men who self-identify as nice can't get dates is an accurate one.

  • Haha so funny