Would you prefer if your crush moves or they don't but they don't like you?

So if you have a crush where things are going pretty well, and they may like you at least a little, or they have some kind of interest, whether they're just starting to, or already do, and then they move. And before they move the last time you see them they say bye to you. On the other hand, somehow your crush may not like you, or isn't as interested in you, but you can still see them and interact with each other frequently and they don't move. So, which of the two side would you choose? I choose the first one because you know she doesn't dislike you. This was kinda my situation. It wasn't sure if she liked me or not, but we still kinda had a thing, and she did say bye to me. Still she didn't do much, she was kinda shy, but I still won't see her.

  • If my crush moves and they may like me
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  • If my crush never leaves but they're not too interested. I still get to see them and interact at times with them
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  • well depends...

    if "A" happened then i'd be happy... at least i know she likes me, and maybe one day we might end-up together again... if i was still interested as well.

    if "B" happened then i'd be happy again. we could remain just friends in this case if she wasn't interested ;)