Girls, just want clarification?

I confronted a girl about something that worried me that dealt with the possiblity of being catfished, so I used instantcheckmate. com with the numer she gave me and it was a guys number and i texted her this and she told me that it was her grandfathers phone and call me an a** and to f**k off. What is you opinion on this? Could she have been real?


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  • People don't understand this is the world wide web, you could be talking to any one!!

    If you wanted clarification on who she was , why didn't you ask to Skype or for her to send you a pic with her username.
    That's another way to know.

    Now she probably thinks you're a stalker.

    I'd use that site to research someone but I wouldn't actually tell them.
    People can react all sorts of way.
    And as you can see, some will take extreme offense over it.

    • Oh, look i can understand what you are saying but i am 95% anti-social so i dont understand the who social thing. Plus before this happened she would hardly respond back, mainly on mondays. I wasn't trying to be a stalker but i just kept seeing that site pop up so i said why not double check if i was being catfished.

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    • Ok, well the only reason I was asking was because I just wanted to try to get a better understanding on how females kinda think. Well, thanks again!!

    • Yeah.. I can't tell you how many times my homegirls will tell me their story, and I have their back.
      But when I hear the guys side... the story sort of comes together and my opinion changes.

      No problem.

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  • My plan has my brothers name on it cuz we share it so its not implausible. But her reaction seems fishy. Did you ever Skype or talk in the phone?

    • No, Skype or talked on the phone. She never started the convo and most of the time she would never respond to my text. Plus she didn't care about me personally nor did she like talking to me all she wanted to do is sext.

  • Sounds like a catfish to me. Sorry.

  • Did you ever call the number?

    • no, i thought that would be inappropiate. Wouldn't you say?

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    • Why thankyou you have been a big help!

    • No problem at all. I like to help if I can!