What would you think if you saw a young lady reading Heavy Metal Magazine?

When I say Heavy Metal Magazine, I'm referring to the following, not music magazines,


Would you think she was weird? Creepy? Scary? Would you think she was attracted to women and not men because of the content and covers of the magazine? Would you think she was cool or would her choice in comics/magazines not faze you? Is reading the magazine a friendship or relationship (if you are a guy) deal breaker?

What would you think if you were going through your lady friend's room, and found a stack of the magazines at the bottom of a box filled with comic books?

Any other thoughts or opinions are appreciated. I own some of these magazines, but try to keep them a secret from most people.


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  • Don't hide your true self to attract a partner. You can't be happy that way. You want to be with the person who goes "Wow, those are great!" Judgmental people suck. Avoid them.


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