Bubble butt xD?

Is it good for a white girl to have a bubble butt? Cause i get compliments that i have nice ass and the other day a kid screamed bubble butt laughing LOL i mean it's not like nicki minaj big but its pretty big i guess... and i'm thin so is it sexy or nah?


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  • To some guys it's sexy and to others it's not.

    • Yeah... but the media is all like big butts and big tits are sexy so...

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    • Lol ok... but i can't help that i have nice ass xD

    • Yeah I know it lol. Nothing wrong with it.

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  • I don't think anyones butt could be like Nicki Minaj's unless they went and did plastic surgery like she did.

    Of course, it's a good thing :)
    As you can see from peoples reactions.

    We are living in the butt age now.
    Lol, a lot of people are acting like tits don't matter n e more.


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  • well if he was a kid... just don't mind him... and no it's not bad.. after all it wasn't yer choice.. right? ;)

    it's fine in my opinion... personally i don't mind butt-shape


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