Getting a Girls Number?

so both girls and boys what are your trade secrets to getting numbers from strangers what to say how to act etc?


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  • Nice username! hahaha

    Well, I talk a little first and then ask for it. It's pretty simple I think.
    What is difficult is getting the number XD

    PS: Welcome to GAG :D

    • your username ain't to bad either

      its just finding the words and also how to tell if she is around you age because 13 year olds can look 16

    • Hahah thanks :D

      Well, age doesn't bother me at all haha
      You just need to smile and then say hi, then the conversation starts, then: the number.

    • Thanks a lot <3

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  • you have to act like you just want to be friends.


What Guys Said 2

  • Honestly girls just give me there numbers, like all the time. I just talk to them about stuff make them laugh, and they usually offer it.
    I mean I know that's not useful, but I guess the take away is be funny, a little charming and it will happen naturally I guess.

  • Ask casually. Don't make it a grandiose expression or a big deal, and try to do it in a one-on-one situation without a bunch of spectators around.

    Females don't like feeling pressured about this stuff, they will freeze up and not give u the digits (even if she WOULD have without the pressuring/spectated-on situation).

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