Ex called me baby here is my final response did it sound ok?

ex called me baby here is my final response  did it sound ok?

Did my final response sound ok? He hasn't said anything back. Dont think he's going to. Sorry this is the last time I'm posting this. :/

  • you said it perfectly
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  • I wouldn't have said shit... moving on lol
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  • An Ex is an Ex for a reason! I wouldn't have even replied to a text from an exGF. It seems to me that you may still have feelings for him :-p

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    • Should I give him another Chance?

    • I wouldn't give him another chance because things are never the same! You're better off having a fresh start by finding a new guy for a relationship when you're ready to date :-)

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  • He needs to know you are NOT his baby no more. He had a chance and he messed it up. Now its too late keep it moving honey. You wrote what needed to be writing and I don't see nothing wrong with it.


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  • Why message him?
    Why have "miss universe" as a signature?

  • One question, Why on earth are you conversing with your Ex?


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  • you kinda blew it out of proportion with that last sorry part

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