What was their intentions?

I was jogging on this bridge i just started jogging like a few days ago anyways i was jogging with my friend kristen and i had my headphones on the beats ny dre headphones, anyways i was jogging and she was walking she was going half way i was going to jogg the whole thing anyways these 4 guys came on the bridge around my age and they were walking they passed up kristen and she didn't think anything of it

i guess she thought they were just walking the bridge and i stopped so she could catch up (this was at night a few minutes ago) so i was looking down at the water below the bridge just minding myown buisness neiither of us knew these guys wereup to no good so anyways i was looking at the water and kristen called my name she was screaming i was like what the hell i turn around and one of the guys had a knife out and they were surrounding me. Kristen was in the backround screaming my name i took the headphones off my heart was pounding

they were getting closer to me and kristen screamed i'm calling the police and the all just ran off i got so mad because when they ran off they ran towards kristen I've never been so scared in my life they passed her up and didn't touch her the cops came fast and they questioned us I've never seen these guys before and now im scared to go jogging again

if it wasn't for kristen i would probably be in the hospital right now the police told me they were tightning up security around there and it should be fine. I'm still scared to go back but what were they after? its kind of creepy the only thing i could think of is the headphones but they are only 400 dollars is it really worth it? id never steal from anyone i dont care if they had a bag full of hundreds and it was an old lady id probably help her home why would they do this?


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  • They were probably after money or something you had that was expensive looking. Or, unfortunately, they may have been trying to sexually assault you. You may want to keep in a group of at least 2 while jogging and carry some sort of pepper spray. I'm glad both of you made it out okay.

    • Yeah I told her if go again she couldn't come unless we had a few people with us
      this is the 1st time something like this has happened to me i'm still shaking

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