Why did most people say 'Terminator Genisys' was bad?

I didn't think it was so bad. There were some things that were a bit silly or didn't quite make sense, but it was entertaining... definitely an improvement over the really awful Terminator Salvation.


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  • They should have just stopped with T4.

    • They should have stopped after T2.

    • Yeah I know but no one thought T3 was gonna turn out bad and after that you needed a conclusion which was T4. It was a terrible movie but a conclusion none the less.
      Genisys was just a cash cow.

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  • I prefer Geneisys over RIse Of the Machines and Salvation but that's just me.

    But in No way can Genisys even come close to holding a candle to the original 2 by their original creator.

    The biggest problem was they were trying to milk the franchise by rebooting a new bunch of films like a pre-planned trilogy to drag things out and explain plotholes leftover in their subsequent sequels. That's their method of making more money these days, sequels, prequels, maybe even retcons.

    I really wished they had just solely concentrate on developing a story that's clear from beginning to end without so many plotholes on purpose just to try to make more money off the audience to watch sequels for their answers.


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  • I enjoyed it though arnold coming back as a hybrid was a little cheesy, and the complete lack of explanation for why he was sent back to begin with also annoyed me but overall I actually enjoyed it.

    • It's the whole time travel paradoxes and stuff.

      Since events have been altered in 1984 which the events that occurred in the original 1984 Terminator story it had caused all the things that normally would have happened in the original timeline that led to Skynet's development has been altered.

      Instead Skynet sends the "assimilated" John Connor or the T-3000 like some sources like to call him, back to 2017 to develop Skynet since now in "Terminator Genisys" the original Arm and Chip of the "bad" Terminator had been destroyed "before" it ended up in Cyberdyne Systems Corporation's labs therefore they could no longer develop Skynet like they normally would have according to Terminator 2. Therefore Skynet's development, existence and coming online to start Judgment Day has become altered. Therefore no Judgment Day happened on August 29, 1997 in Terminator Genisys's timeline, which was when Judgment Day supposed to happen according to Kyle Reese in the beginning of the movie

  • Terminator salvation was my second fav one...


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