Why would he act shy all of a sudden?

I've seen this guy at work for over a year but we barely started talking few months ago. He was really nice at first but out of nowhere he started being playfully mean and I started doing the same. Everytime we see eachother, we would say something mean or threaten eachother or tell eachother to square up.

So lately, when I I see him, he will be all quiet. Sometimes he just looks down and smiles. He passes by my work area but he won't always say anything. The other day I ran into him in the back and he just looked down and smiled but continued doing what he was doing. I thought he was ignoring me but I was working on a computer and he came from behind and started pressing buttons, just to mess with me.

I've always tried hinting that he should get closer but he seemed to get sort of freaked out at first. I would ask him to help me with things so it looked like he wanted to stand close but he would end up standing next to me. Now, if I'm looking up something and I show him, he stands next to me but he stands close. His face is close to mine.

I hung out with him once when my friend invited him and another guy from work. We are similar and we think alike. I've asked him to help me with things and he has set aside his things to help, which I feel bad about.

Overall, he is a really nice guy but he has been extra weird lately. I am not sure why. He almost seems shy. Why would be get shy all of a sudden?


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  • It might be something external, like nothing to do with you
    Or it could be maybe he is unsure about how he feels about you and does not want to risk anything maybe? But all in all there could be a variety of reasons why he is acting shy, but depending on how close you two are you really should straight up ask him, or do it over text if you don't want to do it upfront.

    • I don't have his number. I have no good excuse to ask for it

    • What about facebook? or another social media website? If you are friends then you don't need an excuse :)

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  • he likes you.

    • I thought so but I don't know. maybe he just sees me like one of the guys?

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  • He's shy because he likes you. If you really like him back, ask him out.

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