I feel lonely recently, is that normal?

I've never experienced this kind of situation in my entire life. As an ambivert myself , I'm okay going out to parties or just normal gathering but on the other side I'm also a person that love and appreciate solitude with all my heart. Turning 23 this year, shopping , gym or even watching movies all by myself is something that I'm okay with and it's a rather preferable conditions for me than going out in a group of people. I hang around with small group of close family-like friends only, but I'm open to meeting new people.

I'm not sure how to handle this, the more I hang around my close friends the lonlier I've become, I look at them and there's this somekind of emptiness that I felt worthless. After every gathering or hangouts I would definitely just turn my phone off and shut myself away from the world. I've been living on my own since I was 14 y/o (with a maid and a driver) my parents and my siblings moved to the countryside and I inherited the house but I'll go visit them every weekend , so basically being alone or all by myself isn't a problem or never have been a problem to me. For me being alone doesn't mean I'm lonely but nowadays I just can't be that the old same person that I used to be.

There are so many things have been going on in my life. Recently my bestfriend she's dating one my close friend and I'm extremely happy but everytime I became their third wheel, the loneliness will be there like, I'll somehow become weak. I just don't what is it, is it the jealousy, because if it is why should I be jealous of her?

I just need help, I've never been like this.


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  • I can truly understand how you are feeling seemslike you might be experiencing a bit of depression

    • Depression? Should I get help or what?

    • Yes talk to your family doctor, get a counsellor before it gets worse. I'm no doctor but I deal with depression a lot and that's what I'm taking in school to help others with depression and mental illnesses to mange their feelings. It sucks I know. You feel like no one understands it or no one will but Hun there's a lot out there. But if its becoming harder and harder each day then I suggest you talk to your doctor or someone close to you. Keeping emotions inside is so toxic.

  • its totally normal.

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