Why is the video file not responding and playing properly?

I'v benn using a Samsung BD-f5100 Blu Ray dvd player for more than a year without any problems and recently its been giving trouble where in the middle of the movie (via USB) subtitles start delaying, any commands i give on the remote respond late after like 10 minutes, info/details of the video file displays incomplete like the current time (which actually shows time much earlier instead), audio gets temporarily muted, audio video goes out of sync, video pauses by itself with audio still running (all temporarily). and even the buttons on the dvd player just don't work. then i have to turn off and on the power on the main switch. And its happened to more than one video file.


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  • dunno y it happens tbh... but i searched a little bit and i found some reviews by other users here where they were talkin about it negatively:


    ^guess u can add yer own problem wid samsung-BD-F5100 above...

  • buy a new one