My dog scratches my door?

I've notice my dog has been laying down next to me, or if im on the coach, he'll hop on the coach as well, & lay down next to me, sometimes if i have my door closed & im doing something inside my room, he'll sit right outside my door to wait for me to come out... Tonight, i closed my door & tried to fall asleep, when i heard him scratching my bedroom door... At first i tried to ignore it, but i ended up opening the door anyway. He was really happy that i opened the door& he just hopped on my bed, & lay next to me & fell asleep. Why is my dogs behavior like this?


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  • Because he loves you. Most dogs are very loyal so they love their owner and always want to be with them


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  • mine does that too to an extent like he shadows you sometimes

    I don't know maybe its a pack leader thing or maybe he is protecting you lol