If you scam a liar/scammer and they get shocked (even a bit hurt), are you just as bad as them or not?

Some time ago, I pretended to go along with it and knew who I was dealing with from the beginning. I don't get why was he kind of shocked when finding out I was part of a dare too (but longer than his) and even had a recorder?

I like playing with liars and scammers (even telemarketers too). I'm different with someone that doesn't do any of that or is very naive. I don't play with them.

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One time I got this cheater. I kept pretending to go along as the other woman but actually I recorded it all and forward it to his fiancee. Then set up a secret date which was supposedly going to be me and him... nope, I actually got her to come.


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  • Nope, that is actually pretty funny. What comes around, goes around. And I believe that life is just too short to be uber correct with all the "don't do onto others what you wouldn't do unto yourself bs (when it calls for it of course). Scamming people is bad, yes. But scamming scammers should be permissible.

    • Yeah, I hate cheaters, liars and scammers. Those that fake future I hate them too only to then ditch you, I hate them too.

      First time I tricked someone was when I got a sick pervert in trouble. I was 15 then and some guy in his 40's tried setting up a date with me. I pretended being interested in a date with him but he didn't know I already forward all the messages and reported it. What a stupid guy, esp at that age.

    • You're the hero that Gotham deserves, ma'am. Good job.

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  • You set a cheater up and succeeded? That's awesome! Personally for me I wouldn't do it because it seems time consuming and it may backfire. But I would be lying if I told u I never thought about doing that. Very complicated story... I wasn't the other woman but long story short, the guy was nonetheless a deceitful, lying, manipulative, heartless player. He did not care about anyone but his dick, I mean himself. & would break girls' heart with no care in the world so long as he gets laid.


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  • Really, it's all game plying. I wouldn't even say child like games, but definitely childish games!

    Having a go at telesales or phone scammers is OK and fair game, but setting up a guy in a sting operation is not your business and is despicable. Let the guy and girl sort out their own problems!

    • I would want to know too if someone I'm about to get married, to spend my life with is cheating on me. The girl actually dumped him afterwards and is now dating someone else.

  • Yes you're no Better then they are