Does death have any meaning?


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  • Death means you lose ur life and no longer breathing literally :)
    Death means me another life... Death means starting to real life my friend :) And death means the big day when we have to account for all things we make in world in front of Him.
    I believe in this way, i respect all other ideas. I wish all people respect each other also <3


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  • Yes, it means you've got 1 chance, don't be stupid and don't screw it.


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  • You were born with the elements from this universe and you have to return them back to universe. Only soul stays in the end. Soul is no matter, has borrow nothing from universe. Soul is everything and it is nothing. SOUL! When all of your skin, muscles, bones and rest of stuff is taken the only one remains is Soul and that is you. :) immortal you. Death is superfluous.

    • "Get out of my head you"

      That could as well have been
      something I said.

      Well spoken. ^.^

    • "Get out of my head you"
      That could as well have been something I said. (I did not get this :( can you elaborate? )

      Thank you :D

  • It means no more dealing with lifes bullshit. Im so excitedd

  • Transition from the physical world and shedding of your human ego

    • “Love. If we put others before ourselves—we are already abundantly rich.”

      Sorry, just wanted to link the quote
      because of your name. ^.^

    • Yes ok your forgiven. @aizou

  • death
    the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism.
    "he had been depressed since the death of his father"
    synonyms: demise, dying, end, passing, passing away, passing on, loss of life, expiry, expiration, departure from life, final exit, eternal rest; More
    the state of being dead.
    "even in death, she was beautiful"
    the permanent ending of vital processes in a cell or tissue.

  • Means that life is short and that you have to live every day like it's your last :)

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