What age would it be shameful to work at a hardware store?

I'm 22 and my ex girlfriends dad came in and I've been working at a hardware store on weekends for extra cash because I'm back in college. I was going through the police academy when we were dating and paid my way through but now I can't really get hired even though that was the plan. I failed a test at the end and told her I might be out after we broke up then ran into her and I did tell her I finished but now can't get hired.. It's embarassing. I told her I'm justgoing to go reserve and I'm trying to finish what I have left of my BS in engineering.

want som answers


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  • I don't think there is any shame in it. You do what you have to do to achieve your dreams, and that is admirable. I worked in retail during high school and college to help pay for bills, car, and school.


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  • There is no shame in what your age is. You can be 18 and work as a programmer for a big company or work as a custodian at a grocery store. No shame. You can be 60 and work at the same examples and there is no shame. Having a job is great.


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  • No age.
    A job is a job and respectable.. be it cleaning toilets or scrubbing floors... its providing for yourself.