Did I act like a weak pansy in this situation?

My ex girlfriends dad came into the hardware store I work at party time while going to college. Their parents made our life hell and drove us a part. From the perspecective they never got to really know me and only trying to protect their daughter. This man punched me in the face two years ago in my own house. They found their duahgter drunk. I called her friends they called their parents. (SHE DRANK FOR NO REASON). We broke up like 8 months ago.. I kept it casual said

"thought I recognized you" I asked how (girlfriends name) was doing and he muttered she's fine.. then proceeded to say I don't want to talk to you. I said very well and said I hope eveyrthing works out for her. I honestly felt like the bigger man at the time but now I just feel like a pansy.


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  • You did great. Congrats!


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  • You owe him a punch in the face at his home. I would say remember me mf, then deck him.

    • I feel like I should of done that. Honestly feel like a pansy.

    • Learn and move on is all one can do.

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