What are your biggest pet peeves?

Mine are:
nail biters, when someone uses up the toilet paper and doesn't replace it -_-, when someone leaves hair in the shower, when someone leaves toothpaste in the sink, whenever someone washes dishes but doesn't clear out the filter, when you're texting someone and they call you and you don't wanna talk, when strangers feel the need to touch my children (blah! Yes, they're gorgeous, I get it thanks... but don't touch!!!-___-), when someone at the bar calls me baby like I'm not your baby MF I'll take your wallet! lmao, but really -___- I despise men like that, and when people ask if I like sexting (NO! I fucking hate it!!! Bye!)

Okay, mini rant over. 😅 I have a few and I'm sure I can still find more annoying shit I dislike in people lol.
What are yours?


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  • Pretty much all the ones you said, plus:
    cracking knuckles/joints (back is ok), reading text messages but not replying (if you have the time to read, you have the time to reply, at least with a "will reply later, I'm busy" text), cyclists who don't think they have to follow the most basic traffic laws, people who chew with their mouth wide open, people who don't hold the fork/knife properly and those with awful table manners in general, people who talk a lot during movies (small comments here and there is ok, but for the most part I want silence), people who fart/burp openly (mistakes happen, but come on), people who ignore others, when a friend suddenly just stops talking to you and you end up wondering if you even did anything wrong, when you put more effort into something than someone else (can be for a school/work related project or concerning friendships/relationships in general).

    To name a few! Haha.

    • You pretty much filled in the missing ones in my list, lol I agree with every single one. Clearly I'm not a people person lol. Or I should say, I'm not an "annoying people person" 😂 OH another is when I see girls in public with their asscheeks hanging out the bottom of their shorts, my old boyfriend said they looked like hookers lol that trend needs to go away! They leave nothing to the imagination -____-

    • Haha! I saw a girl like that yesterday.. in my head I was just like "girly girly.. what are you doing!" thankfully a couple of seconds after I thought that, she started pulling them down to the point where her cheeks weren't showing anymore. It was like she could hear my thoughts haha.

    • I don't get it, why wear something so short if your own conscience is like "yo your ass is falling out all over the place, straighten that ish out, pronto" just wear jeans.

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  • -People walking slowly in front of me
    -People beating around the bush
    -When people talk with their mouth full
    -My parents that have this habit of staring into the nothing and doing nothing
    -When someone says or posts 'I had the WORST DAY ever!', you ask him/her what is up and then they say...'Don't want to talk about it'
    -People on GAG who somehow feel offended by you trying to help them out nicely, calling you out/blocking you even (happened to me yesterday)
    -When people in the house don't clean/dry the sink after using it
    -And so onnnn

  • wow you have a lot of peeves lol
    mine are
    -bad table manners, especially chewing with their mouth open
    -knuckle cracking (kind of bugs me)
    -guys who spit out on the streets
    -other girls doing my hair - i don't like physical contact that much, not even holding hands

    • I know, I'm terrible. 😆

      Bad manners are always horrible, there's a time and place for everything. And I get what you mean about the spitting but what bothers me more is the noise they make before they spit, it's similar to an animal choking on something vile. *shudders* just awful. I also get what you mean about physical contact, some people don't know the meaning of boundaries!

  • My biggest pet peeve is when people walk really slow in front of you. I can almost put up with everything but that

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