New nickname idea for Bonnie in my fan fiction? Odd or cute? (TVD)?

So if you watch TVD and enjoy Bamon (Bonnie x Damon) then please continue reading...

So, in the books, and often in fan fiction Damons favorite nickname for Bonnie is "Redbird" however my fan fiction has the show! Bonnie, as it's a rewrite/au of Season 1. So Redbird doesn't make since for it. I want to keep with the bird theme though.

So I was thinking, Greenfinch? Is that odd or?
Green Finch relating to Bonnie's eyes and Damons apparent liking of birds. (seen with the Crow and his nicknames in the books)

I was also thinking little linnet bird but that seems too long.

If neither of these seem good, I'd love some ideas!


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  • greenfinch is cute!