Do you think you WE have freedom?

Do you think you have freedom or were just traped and actually goverment is telling us what to do and not to do by making new rules for no reason.
I think were not freedom at all, they - "leaders" are telling us what to do etc.

Just for example look at that rave party in UK - nothing wrong with that, no one was injured. It was just music in nature all that trash... next day they clean and everything is okay. I think we don't have freedom even my father said that.

What do you think?


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  • The people to blame here is the government, I don't mean democracy or communist or monarch.. they all are the same. These fancy names given to them were to make people buy them.
    There is only one form of government "We rule you follow" , that's it.

    Democracy is the most slave friendly type of government which binds their slaves into an illusion that they have some rights..

    We slaves have no rights, Apparantly we don't even own the lands, we just took it on a lease from government for say 50-60 years. Because of which we pay taxes for living in our own damn country.. It's understandable if you live in someone else's home and you pay rent, but i am being charged to pay in my own damn house. Hell, we don't even have the right to freedom of speech, turns out freedom of speech is only limited to certain issues. They have a list of things you cannot say, even when you believe in them. What kind of a freedom it is , if YOU tell us what we are supposed to say.


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  • That event was illegal, nobody cares what your opinion is.
    Don't mix up freedom with ability to commit crimes with no repercussions.

    • there were 0 crimes, no one was hurt.

    • The rave itself was illegal that is ALL you as a citizen need to know and care about.
      And yes people were hurt, at least 20 policemen and some police dogs were injured by the "good and innocent ravers" who started attacking the police with bottles and other crap.

    • that's because they policemans came to interrupt party it was just party in the middle of nowhere, all trash next they they gather together and clean. What's your problem?

      If they wouldn't come to party it would be just one good, peaceful party!!! On other video policeman stoled generator! So go fuc* yourself.

  • Your freedom stops where another person's freedom starts (and vice versa) Life in society can't give 100% freedom.

    • And governments regulate that.

    • that's right, but this was awful just for example what's wrong with listening music in nature if you clean after yourself - it's nothing wrong with that! Police invaded the place and pushed people then they moved backed and also they started stealing (police). I think it's fair to leave them alone there wasn't even ONE injured until police came!
      They just have a party I like to party too and i'm sober most of the time.