What would you do for fun if you had a black out?

OMG!!! I have a black out where I live I am going crazy. I hate it so much

Well the blackout only lasted for 45 minutes. So happy its over thank you guys for your advice. 😊😊😊😊


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  • I read a magazine, book... sometimes i search for old photos. Once i was making silly faces in a camera ! How boring it gets without electricity eh?

    • Yeah I didn't realize it until now. I mean its so rare to have one. You know?

    • I know, that's all i have for videos after all, my phone is an old one.

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  • Hahahha welcome to my daily life in lebanon, to live with no electricity follow these steps:
    - if you're feeling hot, sit on the floor over the water pipes ( to find them just walk around the house until you find a cold part of the floor).
    - read a book, listen to music, sleep.
    - if it's nightime, sleep on the floor.
    Or you just can do what lebanese people do and blame the government for hours (believe me it's fun).

    • LOL!! My best friend is from Lebanon and she would tell me her life style and how things were so different. I said wow! How hard it is 😞

    • Hahahaha it's fine , we're used to it 😂 we live of a generator 3 to 6 hours a day so we have to pay 150$ extra each month for electricity. thank you for the most helpful girl😊

    • You Welcome! 😊

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