Im insecure when I have no reason to be?

I read an opinion from a guy on here who said he would only be with a size 0-2 girl and that a size 6 is too big. I just feel like I'll never be pretty and skinny enough, even though I am.

Im a size 0-2 (extra small to small) but why do I feel like I'll never be good enough for any guy? Even though he was basically saying I'm perfect size. I feel like guys shouldn't hate curvy girls but I'm skinny!


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  • "why do I feel like I'll never be good enough for any guy?"

    There's no reason to dwell on guy's opinion and taste. What matters is you like how you look and don't dwell on the things you can't change because some girl out there wants what you have.

    For example, I'm 5'7 and there's plenty of girls who want 6' minimum and that's okay! i'm not for them and it's nothing i can improve so i just focus on the girls who are shorter than me.

    so you're skinny? Great guys love that! Any guy who says "a size 6" is too big is a retard because who what guy knows women's sizes? In my book all i have is a pass or no pass, i don't have freaking dimensions that i bust out a tape measure.


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  • All that you feel comes down to your perception about yourself.

    A million people can tell you that you are beautiful and good enough,
    If you don't believe it , you will always be with self doubt.

    You have to look at who you are as a entire whole,
    (personality traits) and (appearance) and realize that you do
    have a lot to offer.

    So, no one is perfect. I bet we all can pick out things we'd like to change.
    But the key to being confident is accepting yourself all around (the things that cannot be changed about you).


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  • Your hot act like it


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  • I feel you, but, in my opinion, we shouldn't care about these things.
    I would be happy to have a guy (that I like) to like me for me, not my appearance.

    • That's true... I guess it just makes me feel like if I ever gained any weight id be ugly to my guy

    • If he truly loved you, he would have been concerned about your health (in terms of weight), not how you look like.

  • Self esteem has nothing to do with body size.

    • What he said made me really insecure but he basically describes me

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