Is Verizon Fios internet good?

We're getting rid of Xfinity Internet because my mom can't pay the high bill so we got Verizon because of the internet bundle. The other cable providers didn't come with Internet. Is it good? I was kind of sad that we have to get rid of combat Internet because it was pretty fast. I checked the reviews online for both and they were mostly negative. :( Does anyone have it?

Nobody cares about my internet lol


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  • I heard the Verizon Fios is faster Internet than Verizon Dsl Internet
    so it's really hard to pin point , you know Comcast will try to out do
    their competitors , with Verizon Fios they use Fiber optic i know
    when i had Verizon Dsl it seems to load fast to certain point but
    not as fast as Comcast but i will say within due time i think Comcast
    will have to be a competitor i believe there will be re-sellers for Comcast
    who will resell High Speed Internet but at much cheaper rate.


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  • i did a speed test and i got 30 mb/s. it is good enough probably


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  • I don't know i don't have Verizon but Xfinity is good but expensive try looking at more reviews

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