Should I text him again or just wait for him to text me?

So this guy started texting me like a year ago and he would text me EVERYDAY. A couple of months ago he started texting me only on holidays and then he stopped texting me. I texted him like 5 times and he responded to all of my messages but i stopped texting him a few weeks ago. So my question is : should i text him again or just forget about him?


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  • Why did you stop texting him?

    • well i thought that if i started texting him first he would start texting me again but after i saw that he didn't i just stopped trying.

    • Ah you're in the position of you being the only one starting conversations. He clearly isn't interested in you if he is trying to ignore you. Perhaps you being the one that always started conversations in the first place made you seem clingy. I have been in this position before.

    • well it sucks but i guess i'm just gonna get over him :)

  • text him...


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