What about the opposite gender do you find attractive or appealing and what about the same gender do you find attractive or appealing?

This is a 2 question question just letting you know.


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  • In men I LOVE religious faith - a guy who worships God, a guy who is gracious and considerate, a guy who is humble in God and hard working in God's kingdom, a guy who goes out of his way to take care of those in need and always does good things for others.

    What I like in females - I like woman who operate by rigorous principles and are honest, humble and hard working. Woman who are attractive but depend entirely on their hard work to get by in life and not on their looks.


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  • their hair lips and eyes

    as a guy I like my hair my eyes and hmm I don't know what else


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  • hmmm if we're talking about their appearance than...
    Guys : Hair ! long hair ! I have a hair fetish, smile , body.
    Girls : hmm... skin , lips , breast , ass xDDDD I sound like a dude OMG...


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