Does anybody here do dream interpretation? Can you interpret this dream?

I had a dream that I was running from my enemies on land with a large crowd of people and we had made a rectangular formation in the water and were increasing our dominion in the waters to get away from the enemies. Multiple families were in that formation and then we comissioned an athletic woman of unidentifiable racial origins to lead the pack by conquering the physical obstacles necessary to fortify our furthest position in the waters through feats of great physical difficuilty in the water. She walked from the land onto the water to accomplish her task and was followed by 1-2 men that were physically weaker then her. She did her difficult physical feats to bring us deep enough into the water that we were no longer in danger of the people on land and then retired to her family who turned out to be chinese. Apparently she was actually chinese but only looked middle eastern or mixed cause she had styled her hair differently then chinese people with man made hair styling products.

Then the dream ended.

What does this dream mean?


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  • i dont think it means anything.