Was he up to something bad?

I remember when I was small, my 'teacher,' had seen me going up in the elevator. He came up to me and got inside the elevator too, asking me something along the lines of, "I want to ask you a serious question," and it was a really lame question. After a few seconds we reached our destination, I got off the elevator and went to class.

Later on when I got home and told my mother about it, she said it was weird. Why was he acting as though that question was so fascinating when it wasn't, and he should've just taken the stairs, just out of awkwardness if anything.

I didn't think anything of it. But now I randomly remembered that teacher, and wonder whether he was a weird guy. He didn't do anything suspicious.


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  • What you've written, in and of itself, is not concerning. I suspect he was actually trying to be funny in a deadpan way. In situations like that it's always good to assume someone is trying to be humorous, but that's an adult response.


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