Would I look desperate for the job if I called?

So I had an job interview for a bartending position. I was being interviewed by the assistant manager and she basically told me she's lolking to hiring. She told me I got the job and asked the days I was free. She told me she will also have to get in contact with the general manager to see what he says but thsts he is on vacation atm... and thst she'll give me a call. It has been 4 days and nothing. should I call in again? Or write them an email on their site? How shpuld I go about asking?


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  • No, it shows that you actually give a shit and want the job. It would only look desperate if you call multiple times a day or sleep in front of the manager's house.

    • Lmao, sleep infront of the managers house😂 I'm done hahaha. So i sold call tmr and see what happens?

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    • Check your email's spam folder, there is a chance that she may have decided to email you instead and sometimes emails get mistaken for spam mail.

    • Thanks😊

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  • Four days? Hm, sometimes it takes time. Maybe if you could wait a week until to call... but this is no exact science.

    • So you think i should give it a week?

    • If not call? Or email? Or both?

    • After I week I see nothing bad in calling them.

  • It's a good ideal to give them a call.

    • So should I call in tmr?

    • How long should i wait to call in?

    • Give them a call tomorrow.
      Ask for the woman who interviewed you and tell her thank you for the time she took to interview you. Then say you were calling to check the status of your application.
      You've been waiting to hear a respond long enough so you checking on the job will let them know how interested you are in the job.

  • no it makes you look determined

    • How long until I call in?

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