How do I feel better?

I have really crooked teeth. They've been crooked for five years. I beg my dad to fix them and he keeps saying he is but I know he's not. He doesn't care. People make fun of me all the time. I feel like my teath are the only thing people look at. Now it's gotten to the point where I don't even like to talk anymore. Sometimes I feel like no one cares about me. I cry myself to sleep about every other night. All I want is to be happy but it's like it's impossible.


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  • Your just going to have to wait until your 18 and then by yourself braces. Start doing anything you can to earn money right now and save that for braces.

    • This is good advice.

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    • He keeps saying there's no way for me to get there but I know I could walk one day that's what I'm going to do. Just walk without telling him.

    • What ever it takes, i had to use braces so i know how bad it was having crooked teeth. But im ao much better now that i dont have them.

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  • I feel you. I used to have slightly crooked teeth when I was younger. Like you, I was super self-conscious about them. But then, they grew on me and I saw them as one of my perfectly imperfect imperfections. Since then, I had learnt more about how other people can be than I did about what I didn't like about myself. There will always be judgmental people out there, it's more about how you deal with it that makes you the better person. Surround yourself with positivity. Oh, and if this doesn't work for you, you could try telling your parents if they could save up for dental work? Hope this helps you out. :)