How Did You Die?

Alright, so there was a zombie apocalypse. People are ripping each other to shreds, governments are dissolving into total anarchy. No one survived in the end (oops). Now you are sitting around a fire with your zombie friends and one of them groans, "How did you die?"

What was your story? How long did you survive? Were you a lone wolf or part of a team? Did you starve, get betrayed, or got surrounded?

I managed to get a gun off a dead police officer, shoot a zombie in the head. And then get mauled by said zombie when I was posting a selfie of my first zombie kill on social media.

  • It was Halloween, thought there was just a lot of trick-or-treaters
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  • I built a bunker to survive 3 months in the event of this, buuuuut I never managed to make it there...
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  • I'm an astronaut... I just watched the world burn before my eyes.
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  • I pretended to be a zombie, but zombie Hollywood actors and directors saw through my ploy.
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  • I slipped on an ice cube and cracked my skull open.
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  • I was the last person on earth with a huge body count due to my experience shopping on Black Friday.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd say that I tried to kill all other humans because food was low and in the attempts of trying to get all the food and weapons so I could survive, a fellow human figured it out and killed me instead


Most Helpful Guy

  • I was the hermit/lone survivor.

    Although my empathy for people when a group
    of frightened individuals approached my safehouse
    made me take them under my wings.

    We had nearly everything, supplies, weapons
    and people who could take care of the sick..

    .. but in the end the zombies overwhelmed us with sheer numbers
    and I alone decided to stay and hold the line, so the others could escape.

    In the end, the zombies got to me
    but at least my group managed to get away. ^.^


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  • Halloween definitelly I'd be taking a fucking selfie with those undead bastards then.. Bam! Bit in the neck😂

  • I pretended to be a zombie lmao


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