Girls (& Guys you can answer to) Anyone else had guys like these?

I have had this a lot over the years.
1. (Social media) A guy you hardly know, never met or even had a full on conversation with and you don't even know how they found you, messages you & he wants you to be his girlfriend?

1.5: Wants you to marry them and they want to live with you and your family or they want you in their country?

2. (E-Mail) A guy who works with a friend of yours you've never met in person. Messaged a few times. Wants to wait until you are ready for a partner, than marriage and when you try and say no, they still goes on. & When they say no attachments just have a child with me.
And all you want is friendship
- feel free to add more. I've had many when I wasn't single either but a lot morein the last 2years. 😔

Why can they not understand I don't want that.
Let alone feel that way after hardly even knowing you or anything about you except a few little things?
How can they feel so much love after a few hours of conversations and/ one day of talking.

Am I too nice?

And anyone who has been in this situation (even guys if you've had other guys or even girls be the same Feel free to answer/give tips);
How did you make them understand, what did you say?
I have tried the truth said why I'm not interested and they said I'll wait. All I want is you and no other girls matter.
I've even said I'm into girls.. That didn't work either they wanted to change my mind.
Even tried to scare them with wanting children and that didn't phase them.
I don't want to be mean, but when they say " I'll wait, all I want is you nobody else " I tell them you'll find a girl you'll marry etc.. And they so no hear nothing of it.
How did you make them understand?
You can not ignore them they continue to message or message from aother account or asked your friends to ask you ect?


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  • you're way too nice.

    • Haha Yeah I think so
      I just can not be mean and even when I said "No" they keep going I can nor run and hide
      They find me. Sad, but that there makes me wish I wasn't single 😜 *sigh* what can you do