What would you rather buy if you can't afford to buy everything you want?

a) some role playing game and specialized cards or role playing game utensils along with complimentary dolls that mimc your favourite comics and anime characters

b) all the gourmet healthy food you could ever want or need

c) alcohol and lattes and massages / spa treatments / beauty treatments / hair cuts / salon style

d) clothes

e) unlimited books on any topic or genre of your choice but ONLY one topic

f) unlimited trips to concerts, museums, art galleries, opera houses, poetry competitions, karoake bars TWICE a week.


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  • You know you can make polls and they increase traffic on a question, right?

    I'm going with unlimited healthy food. I'm sure I could scrounge up a haircut every now and again. I don't much care for any of the other options.


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  • e) for sure. I can't decide whether to get unlimited chess books or mathematics. :/

  • b) all the gourmet healthy food you could ever want or need

  • F sounds the most fun

    alcohol though...

    tough choice


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