My friends are having a garage sale today but I have not slept in 24 hours. Should I hang out with my friends or stay home?

I was thinking of sleeping at home but then I thought - I do not want to miss out on discounted products.


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  • You should just get some coffee and go for a bit then go home and crash.

    • thanks for MHO :)
      What did you end up doing?

    • I went to the garage sale, discovered the stuff was mediocre. Got home at around 3:30 slept until midnight, woke up at midnight then fell asleep again at 6:45 and slept until 10:20 in the morning. Now getting ready to leave the house again until evening probably.

    • LOL! But at least now you know :) That always seems to happen when I get excited about a garage sale! There's a house not too far that has a garage sale every spring. The first time I went there, they had AMAZING things EVERYWHERE. They were selling a set of orangeish/brownish glass lamps with a large golden eagle at the top before the light bulb, this amazingly intricately carved mosaic coffee table that looked like it was from Asia, an amazing marble coffee table/end table/ dining room table set and more! The next year I went they didn't have ish. lol

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  • Probably hanging out with your friends will relax you and help you have a good night of sleep afterwards... so go have some quality time with your friends :D


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