Need help with Skype Love?

hi, I have a boyfriend and then I met this guy on Skype who is really nice to me he doesn't talk about himself just about me and that makes me feel selfish and he only talks bit by bit pieces like where he is, and I have only seen his face once, how can I keep him more interested in me and that he wants to date me. My current boyfriend give me options what we can do together nothing I want to do and he is not funny to me anymore but I still love him and he doesn't always want sex. :( please help what should I do?


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  • okay so you have to ask yourself do you still have feeling for your boyfriend.. don't let some rendom dude distroy what you have, and thats love.. you don't think his funny cuz all you can think about is the dude from Skype.. invite your boyfriend to your house plan somethink sexy and everything will be ok.. and if it doesn't work out do what you want to do..

  • Is the Skype guy in your city?

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