How to have a relaxing day?

So for the second night in a row I have not Sept at all first night I woke up four times in one night, last night I had my first nightmare in a very long time after I woke up 3 am from my night I did not go back to sleep even though I tried. My sleep schedule is beyond screwed up. I want to take a bath and a nap what do you do for a relaxing day? And don't list anything sexual it will make this awkward and I am not going to do it anyways


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  • What relaxes you depends on who "you" are, as a person.

    I enjoy meditating, I also enjoy exercising
    that's two very different aspects.

    Simply reading a book whilst laying in my garden among the flowers
    or in the shade of a tree where the sun barely peeks through the leaves.

    Even climbing a mountain, or scaling a tall building
    so that I can stand on the top, and feel the air gently
    caress my face.

    Or perhaps taking a stroll in the rain with my girlfriend
    under a single umbreller, just walking, listening to the drops fall.

    All things that relaxes me. ^.^

    It's up to you, to figure out what you enjoy
    to the point, that it relaxes you, doing it.

    You could indeed take a bath, if that's what you feel like
    you could read a book meanwhile.

    Or take it completely chill, and watch a good movie
    while getting comfortable under a blanket with a hot cup of chocolate.

    I know some women enjoy going for spa treatments too
    getting a massage and all those things.


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  • I usually just go for a good workout then curl up with a book. Do everything for me for a day. Sounds like you need a me day pretty bad.

  • Why is that is everything okie 😕? Take a shower and then listen to some classical music and try to sleep

  • Don't take a nap, exhaust yourself physically (workout etc) and before going to bed listen to some music or read a book.
    No tv, pc or tablet.


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