Anybody ever been to a clairvoyant? And how was the experience?

I was to my first clairvoyance today!
I'm still very confused... But I really want to hear about others experiences :D


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  • I have never been to a professional clairvoyant like, one who takes money for it.
    My boyfriend does it for free. :)
    How was it like for you was it scary? :p

    • Cool!
      It was very weird...
      She told me that I've changed "My path" and I have to get back on my old one (because being on the path I am on right now makes me very lonely)
      When I asked her how to change my path, she told me to use my "smart little head" xD
      And she just knew me right away... I'm so confused!

    • They always have interesting things to say. My boyfriend does the reading through his subjects dreams
      it's funny because it's so accurate and always comes to pass. Sometimes he can even do it without the
      need of dreams and then it becomes even more accurate but he says he needs permission to do it like that.
      He never said who he needs permission from.. he doesn't let others into that part of his head. I guess :p
      So was the clairvoyant lady right? her reading that is.

    • Cool!!! That sounds awesome!
      But the clairvoyant lady told me that you need permission from the person you're "reading" to do so :o

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  • No, I don't believe in that at all.
    If they tell you things that make it look as if they could see them "in their cards" just be aware it's because they did their research on you and got to know them that way!
    For example I could talk to your family, they tell me things, and than you come to me and I tell you more or less what I've learnt from them 8)
    And ask 150 EUR for it 8) 8)


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  • I've never been but in dying too!