Where to find guys to take out when you dont know any guys?

So this organisation started an "event"( not sure what to call it) to spread awareness around everyday discrimination. And for 6 days iwomen are going to ask men out and pay for the dinner.

I would love to do that, but i dont have any guys to ask.. I just moved and i have some guys friends.. Im not attracted to them at all. and to be honest i would love to get a real date out of this.. But ofc if i can't find any other guy i might take one of my friends.

Anyway, where can i meet guys to take out? From what i have heard asking random guys would just make me coem of as weird.


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  • i like free food, so if you're in Iowa City, I'd be delighted :-D

    • Sorry, wrong continent ;)

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    • Do you have any advice?

    • well, I can only say that if a girl randomly asked me out to dinner, I wouldn't find that weird - uncommon, but certainly within the realm of possibility. And if she further explained why she was doing it, it would be more believable. So, you might want to try that approach. Rather than asking guys out directly, instead approach them and tell them about the event, and then ask them out.

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