Batman died in car accident?

Batman impersonator who visited sick children is run over and killed when his Batmobile broke down in the fast lane of the interstate and he got out to check the engine

Batman died in car accident?!?
At Children's Hospital in Baltimore, Batman handed out gifts: books, rubber symbol bracelets and other toys

Shortly before his death, Robinson had stopped at a gas station, where he met a family and gave the kids superhero paraphernalia. #truehero


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  • Yeah, thats a sad story man...
    The dude was rich, but he dressed as batman and would go visit children and put a smile on them... man, these people shouldn't die...

    • He had a good business, but he shared his richness among other people, no matter what 99% people wouldn't do that.

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  • People gotta be careful. I believe we don't take driving as seriously as we should as people.