Is it bad that the only things I don't hate about my life are hockey, my dog, and several friends?

I hate my parents, I hate my brothers. I hate my school, I hate most of my classmates. I hate my city. I hate my house. I hate almost everything and everyone in my city. I fucking hate it. When I run, I'm never going to come back here. This city has never been my home. My family has never been where my heart is. I want to escape and never come back. I'm my parents least favorite child, despite being their only daughter, I'm always skipped over on everything and I get all of the pressure to have good grades, be athletic, be social, and be responsible. I'm the middle child. When I bring it up to either of my parents, they say I'm full of crap and ignore me. They're making me move away from the few people who don't make my life hell in this town, across the city closest to the people I hate the most. They say I'm overreacting. My mom told me it would be up to me wether we would move into or sell the house we inherited. I said to sell it and now we're moving into it. I am done, I see three escapes to this hell and I don't know wether or not to take action. I got upset that my option was taken and thrown out. I tried reason, it didn't work so I took action. I sabotaged the workers who were renovating the house. My parents said my room would be farthest from the guest room because my grandma comes like every two months and she hates me. They gave me the smallest room, right across from the office. They said I could have my room any color I wanted so I picked red. They made me help them paint it green. My brothers didn't have to paint their rooms. They told me to keep the paint of of the hard wood floor so, in rebellion, I wrote fuck you in green paint on the floor. They managed to get it all off. I have no say in anything in my life other than hockey. My parade making me play volleyball and run track even though I hate it. They invited the girls in my class I hate the most, because my parents are friends with their parents and I got yelled at for ignoring them even though they hate me and annoy the shit out of me. I want to leave and never come back, am I wrong for wanting that?


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  • Your parents seem negligent, but a least they aren't abusive. Your take on things is actually pretty common for a "middle child." I was a middle child too, but my parents were much worse.

    Anyway, it's temporary. Just remember that - it's all temporary.

    And hockey is awesome.


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  • Did you know in some countries they have to travel for miles just to get fresh water while we have the luxury of just turning on the faucet?

    Life could be worse

  • Pretty much yeah, sounds like it anyway.

    Hope it works out for you.


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