Am I a loner or am I normal?

I only really have a couple friends. Best friend growing up I go out to lunch and go to his apartment to just chill sometimes maybe like twice a week. I got another friend who parties all the time and is a player.. I go out with him maybe once a week bUT can't keep up all the time with him. I also talk to him at school all the time. Got a friend who moved away but we talk online almost everyday. I got a gym buddy. Then I got a friend in high school that I see maybe once every two months.

I have an acquintance that I go shooting with once a month but he is boring lol.

I don't know when my ex left me I felt really lonely like a loner. I go a day or two something without texting anyone. I'm just starting fall semester undergrad at a new school I'm hoping this will open new doors.


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  • You may not socialise much, but that doesn't mean you're a loner. Try to meet more people (if that's what you want). But even being a loner isn't that bad, because solitude has it's own benefits. Live your life the way you want to.