Broken phone screen; what should I do?

So I recently dropped my phone for the second time in a month and shattered the screen. It's still usable but the screen looks awful and it's driving me nuts. For reference it's a somewhat older Samsung S4. Looks like screens are available online relativly cheaply but the procedure to replace it looks kind of intense. Last time I broke the screen I did an insurance claim to replace it. I THINK I can do another insurance claim but I'm not sure; to add to that there is like a $50 to $100 deductible. Additionally I'm kind of waiting for the newest iPhone to be released (supposedly next month) so what should I do?

Objective being to have a phone with an un-cracked screen at the lowest out of pocket cost.

  • See if I can insurance claim it again. Since I just claimed a phone I kind of doubt I can do another. Plus the deductible is $50 to $100 if I recall
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  • Order a replacement screen and wing the repair yourself. Maybe $10 in parts but moderate risk of breaking the phone
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  • Take it to a local screen replacement place. Last time I check I was quoted $150.
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  • Just deal with it until the new phone is released
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  • Other: Posted in the comments
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  • Buy a replacement screen or wait for the new one to come out. Why would you pay $50-$100 deductible when you can buy a replacement for $10?


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  • B is perhaps the best option.

    • Yeah I think I may try it. It drives me nuts to look at my phone now; I'm way OCD and the broken screen just drives me nuts. I Google'd a replacement screen and it looks like I can source an OEM replacement for like $4 with free shipping; which is awesome. The instructions and Youtube videos are the only thing that make me nervous; looks like a lot of heat and prying which on delicate electronics makes me think I may brick the phone.

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