Who is the sweetest or nicest gager you have talked to?


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  • I think most people here are probably a lot nicer than they seem on GaG. I know that when faced with giving opinions on a lot of things, it can bring out some passion in some people that can be conveyed as being harsh. But the site sort of is designed in such a way that we are encouraged to give that part of ourselves to others, without them knowing the rest of us.

    Some people probably avoid a lot of this sort of stuff, and just seem 'nice' but I'd rather be nice when it counts, and give an opinion even though it might not be what someone wants to hear. I think that given the length of a lot of my responses it's because I give a damn about what I say and hope someone doesn't let others take advantage of them, or to know a good thing when they see it so that others can be happy.


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