I calculated my expenses over the past 5 years and i've come with $27,000. Is it too much?

Im turning 25 soon and out of a whim today, i decided to calculate my expenses.

So the estimate is about $27,000 which includes everything. Food, accomodation, going to dates, hobbies (books, beading, journaling), Travelling (Korea, Turkey, Japan, Georgia, India, Singapore), shopping and gadgets.

In 5 years i've got three jobs which is not earning much i guess.

1st job - 950$/month for 5 months (temp job)
2nd job - 1,090/month for 16 mons (temp job)
3rd/current job - 1,640/month for almost 3 years (reg job)

i reside and work in a tax free country so yeah i get all the money without deduction.

Do you think i spent too much? I feel that it is a lot. Made me realize now that i shouldn't have wasted my money on a lot of things :c


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  • Last 5 year I have probably spent $200 000 making $50000 a year so that seems low to me


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  • If you are not a trust fund baby, independent business owner, and do not have a career where you earn salary, then it's not very financially responsible to spend that amount of money. That's money you could be saving for an emergency savings account or retirement or even a wedding.

    • Thanks. I do have quite a savings though. More than half of what I spent over the years.

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  • Don't think its too much.