Is God trying to tell me something?

I had posted this question before but bad timeing dint give me a lot of feed back. I do think that he is trying to get through to me about this girl i just wonderd how other people would see this unexplainabe eventsSo the other night I'm siting at the computer and I get a pop up an I'm like what the hell pop ups are blocked on this thing and I've never gotten one be fore but as I look closely it's for a bookstore and only had one book on the entire add now I don't read books but I have seen this one before where well a few moths back I was seeing this girl an we split because she was moving an our lives were crazy at the time so it seemed best for the both of us any way she was telling me about this book she at read even showing it to me and there it was on my screen all by its self so I began to think of her and the good times we shared then a week later she text me saying she had been thinking about me so coincidence maybe then this happens late the other night I was saying my prayers as I do almost every night an I say to God if something is supposed to happen between me and her I know you will show me with time just then my phone lights up with a notification from the last text she had sent me earlier that night now I had already cleared it from ealier and with 8 months of own the phone never got a text notification more than once coincince you might say or is God trying to tell me something?

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  • I don't know, but if that's only coincidence, that's a HUGE coincide. Anyways, some people believe in destiny and that "everything happens for a reason". In your case you believe it's God sending you a message. It's up to you.


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  • if god is real and omnipotent, he wouldn't "try" to tell you something, he would just do it.

    • trust me, i've been in his shoos... i ignored god... and... well... i'm still suffering from it.

    • I do trust in him I know he's real I think he's trying to say just hang in there

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