Guys, where do you hang out and where I can I meet you?

so I have had problems finding guys to date.. and when i moved and started uni i thought that meeting someone would be easier.. But there are no attractive guys in my class..

so i though why not be a bit more pro-active and put myself a bit out there by going out more and signing up for new social things. since i didn't meet anyone at my "mentors week" where the class goes out and do things togehter to know eachother, i decided to sign up for as a volunteer.. But with my luck im pretty im not too sure if im going to meet anyone..

anyd advice on other places where guys hang out an where getting to lnow eacother would be more naturel?


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  • Pick activities that will interest you also... that way if there are no suitable guys you will still enjoy yourself. Plus guys will find you more interesting and be drawn to you because of your interest in the activity.

    • well the things is that im not too sure what i do like because i have done the same things pretty much all my life. I go to the gym which i liked, but i can't really come up anything else to go to or sign up to.. so any advice?

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    • The type of guy you want to meet will determine the activity. Jock? well sports of course or the gym. Bookworm? Take extra courses at school. Adventurous? Take a rock climbing or kayaking course. Don't forget life skills. Taking an auto repair or home repair course will have lots of guys in them and you will learn skills that will help you your entire life.

    • Oh maybe take a motorcycle riding course... thats a good one. Girls on bikes are hot! Go get your motorcycle license.

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  • I spend lots of time at the gym for fitness where guys and girls do the same exercises together followed by a professional and met quite a good number of girls there. Maybe you should do the same.

    • i go to the gym a lot.. but i always chicken out when it comes to flirting with guys.. i dont mind asking for help or if i can use a weight after them for example.. but i never know what to say when i plan to flirt if that makes sense

    • Maybe it's because you go only for sessions where everyone's on his own. Or maybe because the guys in your country aren't sociable enough and scared to make a move by smiling flirting or trying to talk to you by acting like they wanted to correct you or help you lift something. You also have to work on your vibes. The vibes you are sending are the most important here. Don't look too serious and focused on what you do Try to look around more often. Guys will sense it and will think you are not the self centered type who doesn't wanna get bothered and who's here only for her body improvement.

  • Look in bars gyms at sporting events any place you hear a engine so loud you think your gonna go death and if all else fails run a red light in front of that cute cop or go to the local strip club

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