What to do when you're told you suck at something you always thought you were born to do?

Say you've dreamt all your life to be a teacher. You dreamt of becoming nothing else but a teacher. And you did it after hard work! People appreciated your work and respected you along the process.

But one employer tells you that you suck at it and they can't hire you. What would you do? What to do in this type of a situation... I feel shattered.

P. S: Being a teacher was just an example.


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  • To offer another example, when Einstein was in school one of his teachers apparently told him that he would never amount to anything and that he should just drop out of school.

    If you'll pardon my french, sometimes people just don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

    One employer giving you a negative evaluation could certainly be ego damaging, but it doesn't really prove anything. Perhaps they have valid concerns, and if so you might consider asking them what those concerns are. It could perhaps be that they rate you by a different metric than is used by many others. However it's also possible that they're just an inconsiderate asshole. To put it metaphorically, there are apparently people out there who delight in clipping wings, because they themselves cannot fly.

    Ultimately though it might be said there is always room for improvement, so even if you are not as great as you hoped, there's likely nothing stopping you from improving. At the end of the day, I tend to believe that motivation will generally win out over mere talent, and if you are motivated and try you're best and work to fix any flaws, then you could have it in you to be great.

    And if people have criticisms, and they're constructive, it might be worth listening to them, but other than that it might be said that no one ever built a statue of a critic.

    • thank you, i need to gain my motivation back though :/

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  • I would never give up, try even harder.. and prove that person wrong.