Have you ever had a psychic reading and the timing was off or wrong or delayed…?

have you ever had a psychic reading, and were told something would happen in 2-3 weeks and 5 months later, still hasn't happened?

or something similar?

what was the original time? and how long after the prediction did it really happen?


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  • The only thing that I can think of is something that she said would happen in either eight months or eight years (it happened in 18).

    • 18 months or 18 years?

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    • I'm sorry to hear that. and I'm sorry to be so like ''in your business'' type with you but, i got some similar thing from a psychic and thats why I'm asking your side of the story. she said it would happen in 2-3 weeks…5 months later (today) still hasn't happened. and she's been right before and after that about other things…so, i don't doubt her. but, did you like see that coming with your bf? or was it like just so unexpected?

    • It was terribly unexpected.

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