If you had a friend who spoke to you as you speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?

If you had a friend who spoke to you as you speak to yourself
how long would you allow that person to be your friend?

Confidence doesn't come easy, especially when
your worst enemy is yourself.

Are you able to see all the good things
you do, all the bright and positive things?

Or is your mind yet clouded in
a dark mist of difficulty.

Confidence is all about believing in yourself
because if you can't believe in yourself, who would?

Back to the question at hand.. If you had a friend
who spoke to you, as you see yourself..

Is that person really your friend?


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  • Ouch! That really twisted my mind. xD
    Hmm, I guess I'd like that friend at times, and I'd feel angry at her at other times to the point I'd want to punch her all the way to Mars; I believe my time with that friend would be like a roller coaster. Yet, I wouldn't offer to leave her because she sees right through me and understands me, and she is always honest with me. She is the reason I am who I am now. Yup, she is a real friend.

    • Hello again. ^.^

      How's life?

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    • That sounds pretty streinous.

      I'm not really going through anything, just busier than normal. ^.^

    • Yup, but this is why it is life. Competitive. ^-^
      I hope you will achieve the best you can. ^-^

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm completely okay with it as long as there's not any third person around.

    I'm honest and proud to myself. I don't and cannot lie to myself so, it'd not be a big deal if someone else is there to shove a reality check on my face.
    It'd only benefit me by motivating me for the improvement.

    But if there's a third person around, it'd lead me to jeopardy because it's superlatively difficult to always think good things about the other person. Whenever I thought something naughty, ill, blunt, tricky, deceptive or kinky etc stuff, he/she would tell him/her making my survival and social status, miserable.


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  • I asked this question a while ago. My answer is probably not for long. I've brought myself to tears on numerous occasions from picking myself apart. I wouldn't be friends with someone who talked about that way.

  • Is this a poem or?

    • It is not, did it seem that way?

      People often mistake my writing as poems
      due to the way I depict my thoughts. ^.^

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    • That's exactly it.

      How respectful are you towards yourself
      when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror?

      Do you see that beautiful lady that you are
      or do you see the crazy cat lady with the unwashed hair? ^.~

    • Both. I'm confident with how I look. But there's no way I'll just walk in town right after waking up, not fresh at all and stuff

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  • They'd be a good reality check. I'd be their friend.