Are there managers and senior leaders who are socially awkward?

How did they become a senior leader then?

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What Girls Said 1

  • Whoops should have gone with a. Either way sometimes there are and they're good at their job because they understand it and and the people but other times they just get promoted out of seniority or something else and they really aren't the best choice for the job. Just like socially... Not awkward people (?)

    • But I think as the guy below said there are sometimes people who are really good leaders and have very good people skills but when it comes to a party not related to work, they just have no skill at all.

    • Yep that's very true. Everyone is different

What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah there are, I've had some seniors who were a bit socially awkward but smart enough to know what time it is, good enough at their job, and good enough people that everyone respected them. Often when you've got a balance at a workplace like that it's very cool, the fact that there's nobody there taking the piss means you're all feeling the same positive vibe.

    • I guess performance in the workplace doesn't correlate to social skills.

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    • There seem to be directors who are great at managing people and the company but are like little kids when put in a non work party.

    • Yeah, I guess they're relaxing and reverting to a certain extent.